The boat houseThe Half Maen Best friends.

We are back from our visit to Marie Claire and Robert in NY from 14 days. After a couple of day's in Ny we drive 2 ours to there Dutch Colonial Home from 1800 in the Hudson Valley, after the weekend they drive back to NY we stay there for the whole week in there beautiful house and surroundings they are back to Ny to work. We rent a Chrysler 200 we saw a lot on advise from Daughter and son in law of the Valley we drove 300 miles. Mean while they are married for 5 years so we had a nice dinner in Rinebeck. In Ny we visit several places as the High-line, Central park Little Italy, Chinatown, and Union square its fully different from Eindhoven every thing is fast and bustle a different culture This weekend we recover from yet lag if you get older it takes more of you that 6 our time difference.
We seen back on 14 days of a very special visit with a lot of on forgettable impressions.


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